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HiMSEN pumping station engine

design principle
Modern HiMSEN series provides a simple and intelligent engine for pumping operation. The product is safe and reliable, and has excellent performance.
Modern heavy duty engines can use liquid fuels or natural gas such as heavy oil (HFO) and diesel (DO). Its specific characteristics include:

Engine with high performance price ratio and high environmental protection performance
In accordance with the following professional design concept, to achieve low fuel consumption, low NOx emissions and low smoke design:
Optimized Miller cycle pressurization
High fuel injection pressure

Reliable and practical engine
The design uses a simple, intelligent and robust structure.
Reduce the number of engine components by means of pipeline less design.
• most components can be contacted to facilitate operation.
The supply system adopts full modular design, which can be directly contacted.

Main characteristics

Greater power output than similar engines
- lower fuel consumption
Fast acceleration and load response
Modular design simplifies maintenance
Minimum number and type of parts
Environment friendly engine
- low NOx emissions
Compliance with IMO NOx TierII specification
Low vibration and noise