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HYUNDAI WARTSILAR Two stroke diesel engine

Hyundai Heavy Industries has been a global marine power generation industry and the top three suppliers, one of the best two-stroke diesel engine, is committed to provide quality, cost-effective products for the customer respect.
Modern marine heavy with excellent performance and fixing of the diesel engine, and engaged in the production of diesel engine casting workshop, forging workshop, machining workshop, crankshaft assembly and test workshop and other advanced technology facilities, reputation in the industry.

HYUNDAI WARTSILA Dual fuel engine:


Power range:4775KW-25800KW        

Rotational speed:69-124rpm

Model Rotational speed
RT-flex50DF 99-124
X52DF 82-105
X62DF 80-103
X72DF 69-89

HYUNDAI WARTSILA Model X diesel engine


Power range2450KW-77400KW         

Rotational speed65-167rpm

Model Rotational speed
Wartsila X35 142-167
Wartsila X40 124-146
Wartsila X52 79-105
Wartsila X62 77-103
Wartsila X72 66-89
Wartsila X82 65-84
Wartsila X92 70-80

HYUNDAI WARTSILA Model RT-flex diesel engine


Power range4850KW-80080KW         

Rotational speed61-127rpm

Model Rotational speed
RT-flex48T-D 102-127
RT-flex50-B/-D 95-124
RT-flex58T-D_ER-3 80-105
RT-flex58T-D/-E 84/90-105
RT-flex60C-B 91-114
RT-flex68-D 76-95
RT-flex84T-D 61-76
RT-flex82T 68-80
RT-flex82C 87-102
RT-flex96C 92-102