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Company profile

Heila Crane Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing company, especially in shipbuilding applications, designed and manufactured for heavy cranes, including ships and seas. With strict safety and stability as the standard design, we can overcome all kinds of harsh environmental conditions.
We will also provide customers with customized customized crane according to the needs of customers, the main areas for loading materials, mechanical suspension arm, and special truck crane.
Product design, R & D and manufacturing are mainly carried out at our Reggio Emilia factory in Italy, and closely integrated with the integrated network formed by qualified suppliers in the hydraulic and automation sector.
Heila also ensures fast and efficient after-sales service.

Development history

The 1978 HEILA SRL company was established to produce small truck cranes
1983 HEILA the first ship crane
1989 go to the international market and export to Iceland
1992 production of the first cement hydraulic manipulator
1997 production of self propelled crawler crane CONCORD 35 for Antarctic pole Concordia base
1998 celebrating his founding 20th Anniversary
2000 become one of the world leaders in the field of ship and ocean
2002 office and production moved to new facilities
2008 HEILA celebrating his founding 30th Anniversary
2011 new shareholders, new ventures, the same passion.

application area

• Vessel ship crane
The design and manufacture of the ship crane can adapt to the wave height and condition in all kinds of situations. Our offshore crane is designed, manufactured and tested according to the international standards for lifting appliances, and certified by the code of classification of sea states. It is mainly applied to 2 types of ships:
On board: tugs, work and cargo ships, dredgers, fishing boats, ferries, warships;
Sea: ocean research vessel, pipeline and cable laying vessel, anchor supply tug, supply ship, FPSO floating oil storage and offloading vessel.
• platform cranes platform crane
Platform crane is mainly used in drilling platform, production platform, offshore wind power generation platform.
• Pneumatic ship unloader arms pneumatic unloader jib
Another application field of Heila crane is the handling of bulk materials.
Among them, Heila crane can find several very practical applications, which can provide different uses for loading and unloading bulk materials.
By evaluating the parameters that we need, we can provide special cranes for customers to configure simple, safe and applicable loading and unloading machines.
• Special cranes special crane
For 30 years, Heila has produced a special vehicle mounted folding crane and hook equipment processing program.
These cranes are specifically designed for the North American market and sold through our North American distributor BIK Hydraulic Co., ltd.. The specific target market for such cranes is manufacturers of precast concrete products, foundation contractors and roofing / drywall / construction supply companies.
More than 30 years of experience in the field of special cranes, Heila has the ability to manipulate ground applications, such as bulk material mechanical suspension arm, truck crane precast plate processing, and specific customer collaborative production of military special crane and railway crane.
Heila crane is manufactured in accordance with industry rules and customer final agreement, designed to meet customer special and detailed requirements.

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